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    Hello, two days ago I noticed small bumps on my nose. They're not pimples, and they just have a clear liquid come out if I tried to pick at them. Only my nose is red, and there is a small little stripe next to my nose that is red and has bumps too.
    I've looked up symptoms and I've only seen Rosacea. I'm not sure if it is though, because I have not been blushing or anything. It's just my nose that's red.
    The only thing that could have triggered this or something is a day before this started, I was outside for a couple hours in the heat and sunlight and I was stressed at the time.
    Help? I'm also 17 years old and female. I don't know what else to do and I'm only getting more stressed about this.

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    Do you wear sunscreen? If not, you need too. There are several great threads in the Sun Protection Forum
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