Vitamin C Serum and Polysorbate 80

Thread: Vitamin C Serum and Polysorbate 80

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    Vitamin C Serum and Polysorbate 80

    I'm trying to figure out the correct amount of polysorbate 80 to use in my c serum. The only oil I use is 1% Vitamin E and I combine that with 1% polysorbate 80. It seems to stay emulsified for about a week or so but then starts to slowly start coming apart. Should I increase the amount of polysorbate 80 or do I need a secondary emulsifier? I would like to have it so it doesn't separate at all.

    Thanks for any suggestions or tips

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    Poly 80's usage rate is 1-20%, I typically use 1-2% in my serum. Sometimes my serum will separate other times it won't. When it does, I just give it a good shake prior to using it.
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