How much would these jobs cost?

Thread: How much would these jobs cost?

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    How much would these jobs cost?

    Hey you guys,
    So this is for anyone who has experience with getting stuff done or who knows a thing or two, these questions goes out to you guys. I'm considering getting laser scar removal for these scars that I got back when I was a kid (I was attacked by a dog and luckily only ended up with a minor scar on my forehead) and the other one is a scar I got on my neck in a school incident when I was a kid too lol. I'm also considering a nose job maybe one day aswell. How much do you guys think these procedures would cost around where I live? (Los Angeles, California)

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    Go to one of your local Surgery medical center to get free information. No one here can give you a Solid answer

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    typically anywhere from 750+! I was wondering what the best way to lighten the face would be? i was considering kojie san and LA peels!

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