Help for a newbie? Removing permatan

Thread: Help for a newbie? Removing permatan

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    Help for a newbie? Removing permatan

    Hello, everyone!

    I jus joined, I've been lurking this site for a few days, so I decided to make a account to gain some more info! Anyway, I have a question which you've probably all heard of; how do I remove my permatan?

    I've tried searching for this using the search bar, but I cant understand anything, I just don't know what to use, I'm seeing people talking about la lotions and la peels... I don't know which one to use, so can someone please tell me what to use? So far I've been using kojie san kojic acid soap for 4 days and have yet to notice any lightening. I basically have a bad permatan on my arms, my face isn't that bad, but I'd still like to get back to my previous colour, before I went on holiday. I was in a country for 2 months where it was 45,46,47,48 degrees for 2 months STRAIGHT. So I baked my arms, lol. I wore short sleeves, so the top of my arms are light, and I do mean light. they're like creamy-white, while the bottom of my arms are brown.

    I've noticed some difference on my face from using the kojic acid soap, but maybe that's the placebo effect? What annoys the hell out of me is that when I stand in a room where the light is white, I look REALLY light. But when I stand in my bathroom where the light is yellow, I look dark as hell, and can see my pores, my that really puts a damper on things. I know it's only been 4 days. but I just want to know what to use other than the soap. What can you recommend/tell me to use that will get rid of my permatan? I have pretty tough skin, so anything strong can be feasible. I just want the skin to peel and show my true, lighter skin. I've seen people say they're using la peels with some other stuff. So, can you tell me what to use, when to use, how many times a day/week to use. I just cant seem to find the information from searching for, and I think it would be better if someone could tell me by answering my question directly.

    Thank you

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    The KA soap exfoliates you it would only lighten you about a shade or two. So you would need lightening creams to lighten you more. You can use HQ creams like Carolight, skin light etc or go the natural way with creams like Qei. You need to be patient though 4 days isn't enough to see drastic lightening lol. There's so much info you just need to really search, if it helps I can send you relevant links

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