I think I have Psoriasis - Redness & Dry flakyness.. please help

Thread: I think I have Psoriasis - Redness & Dry flakyness.. please help

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    I think I have Psoriasis - Redness & Dry flakyness.. please help

    So about a month ago I noticed some redness around my face.. it was exam time and I was reasonably stressed. I was in really cold, windy weather and I started getting random peeling on my nose.. at first I started wiping it off, leaving my nose red. Then I put lotion on it for 5 or 6 days, to keep it moisturized, which felt better, but it was still red. Then when I stopped using it, my nose and sides dried up further. So I tried rinsing it with water .etc, but it stayed. So I've spent the last week letting it build up, hoping the skin will just re-grow like a scab, but its staying yellow and flakey, and its super itchy.

    It's christmas time and all the doctors/dermatologists in my small town are off on holidays for another week, until my next semester starts basically and I'm pretty upset about this ****. I went through acne for years in highschool, and in 2014 my face finally cleared up. Then I randomly get this at the beginning of december and it's getting progressively more worse.

    Is it Psoriasis? I looked into it on google and thats what I've seen- I've been reading that it's uncurable? Is this going to be permanent?

    I'm 20 and this is messed up. Really pissed about it lol

    This is after I put lotion on- which makes it more red. Also, the first 2 pictures I have flash on my camera.

    This one I don't have flash on

    Can anyone please help?

    Any information appreciated. Thankyou

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    Yes it looks like psoriasis. I would go to the pharmacy and get a topical steroid cream (Cortizone). The pharmacist will be able to point you in the right direction if you can't find one. Start applying that until you can get in to see your Dr. Don't stress as this can be treated. But to get things to calm down sooner I would go get an over the counter cream. Don't apply any lotion that contains alcohol that will only make things worse and will burn and irritate the area more. Use a mild cleanser, nothing harsh.
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