Is this melasma?

Thread: Is this melasma?

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    Is this melasma?

    I've had pigmentation issues on my face since I started swimming in high school (4 years ago for 2 years) and not using sunscreen (terrible decision but can't undo it now) From what I've read, it almost seems like I'm too young to have melasma. I am 19, and I am currently on birth control for my acne (started 4 months ago), but the birth control has had no affect on this at all. I had the same pigmentation issues and they'd never subsided (and the birth control hasn't made anything worse).

    Is this just sun damage or melasma (or melasma caused by sun damage)? I am trying to figure out the best course of treatment to take and I don't want to use hydroquinone if I don't have to. I definitely have some sort of pigmentation issue, and my left cheek is in much worse shape than my right cheek.

    I realize the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne kinda gets in the way of seeing just the discoloration so sorry about that... You'll also probably notice that the area above/somewhat around my mouth is much whiter than the surrounding skin. I'm really confused as to why this is. A theory I have is that the surrounding skin is just darker so the area around my mouth appears whiter. Thoughts?

    (sorry about the shiny post-moisturizer skin! left cheek, if you look closely you can see a pretty large area of discoloration starting from jawline and extending upwards)

    Any input is appreciated.

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    In my opinion it doesn't look like you have melasma. From everything I have read melasma can strike at any age. I believe they say the average is between 20 and 40 or the child bearing years but that's not to say someone younger or older can get it. I would definitely recommend suncreen to everyone because you have no idea the damage sun does to your skin when it is overexposed. I wish I would have had someone give me more information about what can happen to your skin after years of sun exposure...maybe I wouldn't be battling this dreadful condition.

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    Hey, I just would like to know if you already know what it is? Because I have the exact same thing but it seems like nothing helps....
    I would reallys appreciate it if you would answer me!

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