How to delete my account and post?

Thread: How to delete my account and post?

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    How to delete my account and post?


    I would like to know how to delete my account or at least photos of me in a thread and to change my name. I already changed my profile picture here but deleting my account or changing my name would be fine. I don't seem to have any permission to edit any post I have made here. Which is kinda alarming to me that I have no permission to take down my own picture.I don't seem to have permission to pm anyone either.Just someone reverse image searched my profile picture and found my account here. So they told others I know I wanted to lighten my skin some. Which is no ones business but I guess some of my friends are right. Some employers are doing the same things now.It's nothing to use tinyeye or google to reverse image search someone's pictures. Even easier just to google their email address or screen name. Well this has taught me to at least change my screen name anywhere i post and to never use the same picture twice as a profile picture. Not with all these internet stalkers out in the world.

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    Hello, You can delete your photos, go to your profile, scroll down until you see your photos, click "view all photos" then click on "edit photos" then click on delete. You have full access to do that and always have. As for the user name, please send me a PM.
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    I shot you a PM and thank you so much for the reply,

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