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    Quote Originally Posted by thesuburbs View Post
    Anyone notice gluta lightening lips as well? Curious to see if it does.
    Yes it does

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiaraNamerie View Post
    Is constantly taking Liposomal supplements bad for your heart? Does the fat in the supplement adversely affect your health?
    Never heard about that. Taking insane amounts will def adversely affect your health. Could cause liver & kidney failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by HealIO View Post
    I don't know the chemistry that well of the process to judge if its authentic. If anyone wants to chime in, feel free!

    This recipe encapsulates 7 grams glutathione at one time. I would divide that in about 4 doses. But I wonder if it will stay fresh for four days? I would definitely give it a try and see how it goes. At the same time, I will keep looking for more liposomal recipes. I think overall its worth it. Do you know how many months supply that would work out to be? If I were to take 1500 mg liposomal in a day.
    @HealIO Sorry to burst your bubble but you can`t make liposomes at home. I also thought initially that I could & tried different recipes but nothing worked like store bought liposomal products. As soon as I switched to my DIY liposomal, I lost all progress. All you are whipping up at home is an emulsion. You need alcohol to form the liposomes. An alternative would be Potassium Sorbate. Here is a link to one of the most popular DIY Vit C which u can also use for Lipo Glutha-

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