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    H Friends
    I have few questions i well love to ask.I have a short nature hair and i want it to grow faster and get longer also.
    1.How offen do i have to wash my hair?
    2.How offen do i have to deep conditioning natural hair and how to do it?
    3.How offen do i have to moisturizer my hair?
    4.Is it good to keep braiding or cornrows for 1month?
    This are my questions and i really need any answers and i can also send a picture of my hair as well.
    thank you all.

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    Post a pic girl.
    Okay lemme help you
    Wash your hair every month OR every week..
    Deep condition every month OR every week. Moisturize every two day.
    Massage hair with oil every night.
    You should wear weaves for a MAXIMUM of 1 month. if u do then you must take it off let it breath for a month during that time do the above steps ^

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    I wash once a month...twice or more if I swim (my addiction). Im still trying to figure out whats a good medium to heavy protein I can use in my hair (not protein sensitive). Rumors has it, in a far away land known as SCTLand, that SKB (sea kelp biofernment) has given members extraordinary results. Like of epic proportions. Members say their hair grew like weeds. Even thier eyebrows too, it's been attested.

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