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    Hi there, first time poster but I've been lurking for awhile. I am a 28 year old male suffering from Melasma. I've been struggling with hyper pigmentation for a couple years now and it recently got worse and looked exactly like melasma. Went to see someone and sure enough they said thats exactly what it looks like although its rare in males.

    I got a light chemical peel and have been using a natural lightener every night. I've currently started taking MSM, Vit C, grapefruit seed extract, zinc and milk thistle twice a day for about 3 weeks. Use a high zinc/titanium sunscreen everyday. So far nothing has seemed to help.

    I've been pretty depressed and anxious about this. I feel very ugly every time I look in the mirror or go out and worse it seems so few males have this problem. I've researched it a lot and am not sure if it is an internal problem, hormones or what!

    I was taking propecia (for male pattern baldness) for a few years... I wondered if maybe this messed with my hormones or adrenals? I've read some info that it can affect testosterone/estrogen. I've since stopped taking this about 3 months ago when this got bad.

    Anyway I feel pretty hopeless and am hoping I can figure this out. Wanted to say hi and ask if anyone had any advice, thank you in advance!
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    Yes hormones can definitely play a part in those who suffer with Melasma. Do take a look at our Melasma forum as there is lots of great advice there.
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    I suffer from melasma too, for about 4 years. What I recommend is to get a prescription from a dermatologist for Tri-Luma cream (I always have it on hand). It will fade the dark spots within 4 weeks or less. That is just to control the pigmentation. For a long term solution, I recommend visiting an endocrinologist. It is a hormonal problem so you need to get tests done to see what's going on with your body and how to balance your hormones so the melasma will permanently fade away.

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    I have melasma too (not severe though), and I've encountered some self-image issues (unrelated to the melasma). I think getting into skin lightening and looking after myself more has definitely given me a boost in being more confident about the way I look.

    You have said that the products you have been using have been ineffective, but I wonder if that's because you've only been taking them for 3 weeks? Most of those ingredients are natural, so you might not get dramatic results in that timeframe. My melasma has been improving- my top lip is lighter and a lot of the other areas affected by melasma are also definitely lightening up. These results have occurred after more than 1 month. If you would like to know more about what I used, you can read my threads or message me.

    Regarding possible side-effects arising from medications for hair loss, I think your suspicions are reasonable. My ex took something for baldness before I knew him, and he apparently experienced hallucinations and moderate-severe depression while on said medications. It's good that you're off those now.

    I can only recommend reading more threads here (like gymrat said, try the melasma threads), and reading about various products SCTers have used--what worked and what didn't. I get depressed sometimes too, but I find people's success stories very inspiring (also helps me to be very patient in getting noticeable results). I am very glad and grateful that I found this forum- most people here are so kind and helpful. Hopefully you will find it helpful too.

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    Melasma is often seen in the form dark large spots on the skin. As an initial step try the use of apple cider vinegar. Besides this there are many other treatments like surgery and laser treatments.

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    Did you try Tranexamic Acid? Seems to be the only realiable treatment out there

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