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    Anyone out there who can give me advice on what else to use? It seems like I have tried just about everything and nothing has really worked so far.

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    I switched to another eczema lotion that isn't particularly formulated for children because I need something lighter for her skin now that it is getting hot. When it is first applied it seems okay but her skin gets dry again kind of fast. I got it in Walmart for like $15

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    Wow still no replies to this thread? Well I thought I'd update anyway, I've given up almost completely and have gone to using baby vaseline on her which is giving her heat rash now

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    I feel your pain. My daughter is going thru the same thing. Have you ever had your daughter tested for food allergies?
    Also, I find that the bleach bath and wet wraps work well for my daughter (she's turning 4 in august). Try hydrolatum cream for moisturizer. I buy a 16 oz jar at Costco for about $10. It lasts 1-2 weeks. Refrain from long bath. Use cotton socks on hands at night or even during the day to prevent her from scratching. My daughter is pretty good at keeping the socks on unless she's playing in her ipad.
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    @naeda I will try your recommendations, at this point I will try anything truthfully! Some nights the itching actually wakes her up. I will also get her tested for allergies, that is something on my to do list also but I 've used up all my vacation days at work so I will have to wait for that. I will let you know what happens

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    Good luck. Let me know if the bleach bath and wet wraps work for her (try googling the procedures). I just started during these two about 2 months ago, and I find that they really help my daughter. Also, sometimes my daughter's dermatologist suggest that I give her Claritin during the day or Benadryl at night when the itching is really bad. My daughter has been suffering from eczema due to multiple food allergies since she was 6 months old. It has gotten worse as she gets older since it's hard for me now to monitor what she eats, especially when she goes to school. It has been a battle for us and I'm hoping she grows out of it soon.

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    It's actually getting worse for my daughter too unfortunately. Sometimes it seems like it is getting better and then she will have a bad night of scratching and we will be back to square one. I feel like I have tried and used everything know to man sometimes and then I find something else that seems promising for while and all of a sudden it stops working. It is a never ending battle and I hope she grows out of it too.

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    I'm having to travel with moisturizer in my bag everywhere I go now because my daughters skin is so dry.

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    Any who now that the weather is colder she is extra dry so I am accepting any and all suggestions because nothing's worked yet.

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    Now trying some new kind of eucerin I found at walmart for very dry skin but it is not as thick as the original and the moisture does not last that long.... le sigh I hope she grows out of it

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