Dermal Fillers tomorrow!

Thread: Dermal Fillers tomorrow!

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    Dermal Fillers tomorrow!

    Hi all,!Ihave booked in to get dermal fillers in my cheeks tomorrow. I am 45yrs old and they suggest dermal fillers in my cheeks would help with the hollow under eye I have due to fat pads slipping as we get older. I am very excited and terrified at the same time, wondering if anyone else has had dermal to their cheeks, what the proceedure involved, did it hurt and what was your outcome good, bad or indifferent? Would really love to hear from you.
    Cheers from sunny Queensland, Australia

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    Oooh how exciting! All the best for tomorrow. I've had Voluma a few times in the cheekbone/temple area. I love it! It just makes you look youthful and fresh. Didn't hurt at all.

    Did you ask these questions to the injector? Very important to know what your getting yourself into and also qualifications etc etc.

    All the best from cold and wet UK

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