What song are u listening to?
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Thread: What song are u listening to?

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    What song are u listening to?

    I'm currently listening to:

    Ayumi Hamasaki

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    The Reason by Hoobastank. It's one of my favorite songs. Don't ask why, though?
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    I love ANYTHING by U2. My favorite song of theirs is With or Without You. Makes me want to crry everytime I hear it

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    I also like canon by Johanna Pachelbel. I know that the song is over 300 years old, but I just think that it's the best song ever made. I can listen to that one song for hours.
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    倖田來未 (Koda Kumi)
    Get it On (Infectious Orchestra mix)

    I just love a good remix!

    Check out this music video By Koda Kumi. The dancing is good and so is the song. It's sung in Japanese but also has some English parts, so don't be alarmed if you start watching it and think WTF? It's called "Shake It". It has a kind of Arabic theme to it. Just give it a chance. You might find you like it.

    YouTube - shake it -koda kumi

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    I posted this before but it was deleted when the site crashed.

    CORINNE BAILEY RAE - Put Your Records On

    Great song and will make anyone feel really good after listening.

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    Peter Cetera. . . The Next Time I Fall
    A real Oldie 1986

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    I'm a big fan of Maria Carey (as you can tell from my avatar)

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    no ones here..... ....... makes me kinda sad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daiyumi69 View Post
    no ones here..... ....... makes me kinda sad!
    Im here!!

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