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Thread: 28 yrs old with heavy wrinkles

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    @Every one @Yellowtan @AIME @nwababy yes shea butter would clear your wrinkles, people are just not patient enough to see the effect. When you get the real unrefined just produced sheabutter, its amazing. I got a custom lotion from a cream maker called Nitan Flori which included 8 percent sepiwhite and 10 percent alpha arbutin (she warned against but i insisted she made it) i applied it on my face, i started dancing i.e burning, i quickly applied my raw sheabutter, my face cooled and there was no burn. I later applied my hyaluronic acid and after a few minutes applied my shea butter no burn at all. There was time fire burned my thumb and two fingers when i was cooking, i used a mixture of sheabutter and honey, when my skin healed it left no marks at all. Sheabutter cleared crowfeet from under my eyes, this is just my experience, i used sheabutter for 3 months as a lip balm and it lightened my lower lips and removed the fine lines, we always have pure honey and sheabutter at home. @AIME, it was my cream maker that taught me about facial occlusion, she told me to apply my hyaluronic acid serum or lotion and wrap clingfilm round my head, use my fingers to make holes in the eye area, nose and mouth area. The result is very soft, plump like skin. Sorry for my late response been so busy with work.

    How long did it take for your wrinkles to go away using raw shea butter? Did u add any oils to ur shaw butter?

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    For "face occlusion" I use simple silicon sheet mask. You can reuse it after washing. Cost me around 2$.

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    Sorry, I meant : siliconE (big difference, )
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    For faster and immediate result, I would suggest you do botox. Most of the time, wrinkles on the forehead are caused by frowning/expression that we unconsciously do. Botox will help relax the muscles and reduce/erase the appearance of wrinkles. Be mindful when choosing the doctors though, as the forehead area is actually full of arteries and veins.

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