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    And zomg here is I.D. Hospital in SK and the girl was already absolutely beautiful but now I see what she was going for and she is stunning.

    im sure there are more clinics/hospitals in SK, but these two stand out the most for me at this time. If anyone else runs across more experiences or videos in any of the SK hotspots please do share, as well!
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    @lightenme did you get the surgey done? I would love to get a boob job and jawline fillers.

    But money is tight as hell barely can afford my creams and stuff...

    Quote Originally Posted by lightenme View Post
    Im thinking of getting plastic surgery done in Korea I'm African and I'm nervous as to how it will turn out but a lot of people ask me if I'm pinay so I don't know. Anyway what are the best clinics/doctors?? I'm thinking ID hospital. I want to do a v-line then a nose job what do you think??
    Here are examples of bad surgery from South Korea
    Attachment 4793
    Attachment 4801
    Attachment 4809
    Here are examples of good ones
    Attachment 4817
    Attachment 4825
    I think I'll do my nose first the my v line if I still don't like it

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    Hi fam ,I'm considering dominican butt lift in thailand ,does any one know if there are good cosmetic surgeons there in thailand and d doctor to recommend. I'm not looking for anything dramatic ,just want my booty to be nicely round

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