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    Quote Originally Posted by 2toned View Post
    Name some protein shampoos you'd recommend. Also, ive tried castor oils for monthssssssss and nothing happened. my hairline is just gone, further back than my history textbooks.

    I had bad luck with castor oil too. I used it for months until noticing that I was losing more hair around my hairline so I stopped. It did grow back for me, so that's the good news. Chin up. keeping a positive attitude while going through unwanted baldness is important because stress will aggravate hair loss. Fake it till you make it is probably the best way to go.

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    @itchyfeet: im keeping positive but one cannot fake it til one makes it when one cannot even wear an updo or a ponytail. ugh

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    @2toned my dear it sounds like you have alopecia, but why would u have that! When u are natural. Women can genetically get a receding hairline like men! Happens all the time. Do you wear fake hair as in GLUES? recently i wore a frontal with glue for about 4 weeks and when I took it off it took my hairline with it! I was so bald in the front and it took about a month maybe two months to grow back! Ever since then I realized that GLUED weave can really stop your hair growth altogether I thought it was a lie! But it's not, looking at my hair I could tell if I would have reapplied the glued weave it would of took even longer to grow back and if continued it could take years until NO MORE GROWTH. I would advise you to use good old dr miracle products, stay away from ponytails altogether, no hats anymore! and/or lay down on the bed and bend your head off the side so your blood can rush to your head and massage for an hour every night! It works. Don't use much oil as to much oil can clog ur follicles which is something that u don't need right now! Remember hair can not grow if it's not stimulated with a good blood supply daily! Also have you ever consider Bosely or the surgery where they take hair from the back of your head and sealed them into the front?

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    @Brownsugarlove . lmao @ "...when I took it off it took off my hairline with it!" wow. I do not do glues; especially on front/hairlines at that. I do wigs. But the one i worse back in 2010-2012 had that comb teeth attached to it all around and i think that's what pulled and irritated my edges. I've done the inversion method to no avail. I massage my scalp too but nada. I don't do ponytails and the last time i did was very loose. I've also done Dr. Miracles. I've done ayuverdic too. Im thinking of trying the coffee and milk method. what products did you use to get your hairline back? and is it full or patchy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucifer View Post
    try protein shampoo it did wonders for my hairline. i also massage castor oil on my hairline.
    WHat kind of protein shampoos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2toned View Post
    WHat kind of protein shampoos?
    Sorry I meant caffeine shampoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucifer View Post
    Sorry I meant caffeine shampoo
    can you give names? sites? links to these caffeine shampoos? never heard of caffeine shampoos before.

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    You might want to wear a scarf and/or headband around the hairline to disguise it. Have the hair curly in the back and have a large soft headband on the front to hide it.
    Live a healthier,easier and more fun life!

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    @Novine : to be honest, I loathe my hair looking curly. I never really liked it curly. Im 4Z by the way...yes Z waaaaaay past 4C
    But thanks for the suggestion. Currently im using sea kelp biofernment mixed with aloe vera juice and Giovanni leave in conditioner

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2toned View Post
    Name some protein shampoos you'd recommend. Also, ive tried castor oils for monthssssssss and nothing happened. my hairline is just gone, further back than my history textbooks.
    For how many months did you try the msm and massage routine? These processes can take so much time to even start showing results. I suggest if you can find pure amla powder somewhere, mix it with an egg white and peppermint essential oil, use the paste over entire head every three days for atleast 3 months. I am just sure you will see results. I tried it untill I ran out of amla powder and it cured my hairloss to zero. I know I previously said that msm cured my hairloss, but its been a long time that I have run out of msm powder and my hair fall started again, although not as bad as before taking msm. This time I didn't have any msm so I started using this amla hair pack. It is soooo cooling and refreshing too. You have to be consistent to see the results.
    There was one study on peppermint essential oil that it grows new hair at 3% concentration in rats, also amla is the richest source of antioxidants. You just have to be consistent with this hair pack and I am sure you will see results.And dont forget the massaging with or without the oil.

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