Uneven, Oily and dry skin (Multi Combo)

Thread: Uneven, Oily and dry skin (Multi Combo)

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    Uneven, Oily and dry skin (Multi Combo)

    Any advice would be appreciated. Ill post pictures.
    About my skin:
    - Sensitive and particular
    - Very oily on nose, upper cheeks, forehead and chin
    - Chin gets extremely dry near lips in winter, and on jawline (eczema forms in winter in those areas)
    - Upper cheeks and chin are much redder than my entire face and have a rough, uneven texture to it. Mini pimples and roughness of sought.
    - Gentle cleansers completely dry out my skin especially in winter
    - When I apply moisturizer skin looks completely oily, shiny and greasy 30 mins after.
    - Humid weather seems to be my skins preferred environment.

    Winter is coming and would like to obtain as much advice as possible before then as my skin gets 5 times worse than what is looks in those photoes during winter. (ESPECIALLY THE CHIN AND UPPER CHEEKS)

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    my skin is exactly like that too, oily and porous in some areas while eczema prone in others. I have consulted with many on this issue, yet i have no solution.

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