Sexual activity = +acne
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Thread: Sexual activity = +acne

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    Sexual activity = +acne

    is it true that more sexual activity increases acne?

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    meh, ive always felt like my skin is at its best with regular sexual activity but then again there is a surge of hormones like testosterone that rises and are liked to acne. but its just so unclear.
    The Straight Dope: Does sex make your acne worse?

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    I think that can be true for men. Each ejaculation will cause a loss of zinc (and other nutrients). But zinc can help with acne.

    This is only a problem for men though.

    Zinc is also needed for sexually maturity, so this, I think, explains why some people only seem to have acne during their teen years, when their sex organs are basically developing and those sex hormones are in full rage. The more sex hormones a guy produces the more his body needs zinc. (Zinc is needed by the body to make testosterone.)

    Of course gals can have acne when they are in their teens because of the body's need for zinc during sexual maturation.

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    wow you learn something new everyday!

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    I think that this is a very complicated question.
    Health is beauty's best friend.

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    Sex is good for the skin, however depending on how much you sweat while getting your groove on, a shower would help keep the acne away if you get all perpetrated.

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    Well, off the top of my head, my response is that exercise is good for the body and skin.....And, sex is a very good exercise/workout.

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    do you think it can cause hormones to fluctuate and then lead to acne?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtoodler View Post
    I always thought that sex was good for your body.
    Me too

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    Health is beauty's best friend.

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