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    Quote Originally Posted by nwababy View Post
    @jcole i haven't tried any of those face cream. Don't mean to sound like a joy killer but they look fishy [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.skincaretalk.com/images/smilies/newsmiles/bang.gif[/IMG]
    Lol...You are not being a killjoy.I just hear so much rave about it on all the skin whitening groups.The golden face seems promising with no drastic results but nothing on Madam white, just curious about it.
    Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart

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    Hi everyone, finally created a new account and decided to start posting. I have so much to share especially tackling skin problem from a science related level for long term safe results. I’ve been through all types of hell and back from steroids to every darn thing on the list since 2011. Wanted to make a thread but I’m quite lazy about it. So I’ll share one at a time. Face prematan?, face shades darker than body , difficulty in lightening face or aged and highly pigmented skin from sun damage, steroids etc...
    I have(had, improving) them all.
    what I learnt
    1. face is dark due to one of these...
    -over active melanocytes (cells responsible for pigment, melanin production either from sun damage etc)
    -increase in melanocytes

    These are caused by few major factors we over look thus unconsciously causing more harm to skin.
    1. Damaged skin barrier
    2.depleted collagen or destroyed collagen structures.
    3. inflamated or irritated skin (which causes excessive melanin production. Almost all skin pigmentary issues are rooted from this. The skin does a great job at hiding irritation till it manifests as a serious issue). Imagine using creams that should be inhibiting melanin production but all it does is fight excessive activity from over active melanocytes resulting in little or no results. This one really fraustrated me a lot. I’ll quickly share my most important products for directly addressing these issues. Hope it helps. This site helped me a lot before I professionally took up skin science. My face would have melted off. I’m not endorsing and product. Just my personal experiences

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    I’ll be sharing how to use these products for maximum effects and what can be expected of them realistically.
    The ordinary peeling solution (30% aha 2%bha )by deciem (my go peel product for now). I’m no novice to peels. I’ve done yellow, green, lactic 88%( please never attempt this. I was lost), glycolic 70%, only do this if you’re a veteran peel junkey or avoid it).

    what I learn from peels.
    if you have darker skin, sensitive skin or easily pigmented skin join me on this bench. It is tough for us because we NEED these treatments but scar/suffer the most.

    1. the first 5days before a peel and 7 days after must be dedicated to the gods of the peel. Strictly.
    the acid stays very active in your skin for at least 7 days. (That’s why I wouldn’t advise weekly peels for us no matter how low strength)
    - no aha
    - no retinol or noids
    - no scrubs or cousins of exfoliation
    - constantly retain moisture/hydration
    - everything soothing is your friend
    - no fragrances or over manipulating
    - physical sunscreens only please ( I’ll explain why people think chemical sunscreens cause tanning later. It’s in the chemistry not the formula).
    - avoid the sun ( I live in the tropics so I can’t stress myself too much. I try tho)
    - your best friend is a calming sheet mask before and 3 days after the peel.
    - skin brightening ingredients like niacinamide (wait 24 hours first to prevent skin flushing as the acid is active in skin), licorice, sepi-white, gluthathione, wait 3days for vitamin c. but not irritating ones like Kojic acid, aha etc.
    - steroids may be an unlikely helper for the first 3days after a peel to help inflammation.

    i do the ordinary aha bha peel every 3 weeks. The “twice a week” option isn’t for me.

    - lastly give your skin time to turn over. Along time to prevent serious issues. Patience is key.

    expectations from peels.
    my face is a cocktail of colors. The lightest and least populated is my natural skin tone before years of sundamage (I get it shades of it after I wax my brows). I know this because no amount of sun exposure affects these areas like the rest. Apart from the regular peel results I notice this...
    After each peel, when done right, I get tiny light patches immediately under all the redness. It’s great because these never redarken. But they are so tiny I wish it’ll happen to my whole face. But different areas different strokes I guess. These healthier patches spread with each peel .
    also higher strength peels need longer heal and turn over time.

    How skin is treated the few days before and after a peel determine the level of results or damage(we don’t want this). Hope this has helped someone at least. Don’t give up hope. Later I’ll share my experiences with more devices and products.
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    @Radiantgodess thanks for sharing dear .

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    What are your thoughts on azelaic acid for hyperpigmentation??
    Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcole View Post
    What are your thoughts on azelaic acid for hyperpigmentation??
    I’ve seen great reviews on azelaic acid on hyperpigmentation that I’m tempted to try the serum from The Ordinary brand.
    Should I purchase and do a review on here ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwababy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jcole View Post
    What are your thoughts on azelaic acid for hyperpigmentation??
    I’️ve seen great reviews on azelaic acid on hyperpigmentation that I’️m tempted to try the serum from The Ordinary brand.
    Should I purchase and do a review on here ???? [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.skincaretalk.com/images/smilies/newsmiles/scratch.gif[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.skincaretalk.com/images/smilies/newsmiles/scratch.gif[/IMG]
    Yasssssssss..If it turns out good,I will gladly follow suit.
    Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcole View Post
    Yasssssssss..If it turns out good,I will gladly follow suit.
    Alright I’d get it and post a pic

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    Guys, can you please tell me where to buy G&G peach lid, IKB gel and Carotone BSC serum? I paid $40 on House of Beauty world and they scammed me. I don’t live in the US and need to buy them online. Is there a trusted website or a specific seller on eBay or Amazon that supplies all 3 products (authentic not fake) for a fair price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwababy View Post
    So its a new year, would love us to discuss everything about facial care , especially with the amount of skincare products flooding the market now; can feel overwhelming most times.

    We could share our facial care regime and product to keep us motivated and especially help us cut back on product hopping [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.skincaretalk.com/images/smilies/newsmiles/wavey.gif[/IMG].

    Long story short, my facial skin has gotten way better than it use to be. Acne/oily skin girl and our problem. Below are the products that has helped me a lot:

    Wash face: Ashante Goat Milk and Tamarind; all time fave

    Toner: Simple Toner (i added some niacinamide and lactic acid )

    The Ordinary LA serum
    The Ordinary SA serum ( i breakout mostly on my period)
    2x a week i use The Ordinary AHA peeling solution
    My fave is the Niacinamide and HA serum

    I workout 4-5 times a week and try to eat as healthy as i possibly can. We all know exercise helps improve the general appearance of the skin.

    I also started taking collagen not quite long and noticed my skin looking clearer than usual.... I use the Neocell Collagen with hyaluronic, biotin and Vit c

    On the days i feel like i need a facial scrub, i love to use a home made green tea scrub (green tea calms my skin for some reason i know not ,lol )i mix 2 tea bags of green tea, lemon and honey sometimes cinnamon for stubborn spot. This works good more so if you use as a masque too.

    Oh yes !! don't forget our HG....RA once a week .

    My goal is to keep it simple though i'm open to tying new things.

    Kindly share your thoughts, products and regime. Thank You.
    Thank you dear, I'll try these out. My face has been stressing me

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