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    Good Morning....psorisasis as well as eczema are caused by a toxic liver. Please review any medications you are taking as they will make your liver toxic. It's a reaction of the liver...making excess skin cells. Juicing carrots will greatly relieve this problem as well as taking a good quality fish oil. Carlsons makes a great one.

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    I also have psoriasis Its in the back of my head in my scalp which caused my hair to fall out and it kind of spreaded some. It itches really bad sometimes. My lawd. I just want my hair to grow back there. Its not completely bald but it kind of looks like I've gotten a close haircut and the hair is not growing for nothing. I believe it started when I was in the 3rd grade around that age. At first it was just like a minor rash on the right side in the back of my neck and I had no idea where it came from and why I had it. It was always moist kind of and wet like and I used to put some kind of medicine on it and eventually it cleared up some. But now it is just so annoying! I cant stand it and it bothers me how something that was small spreaded to the left side of my head in my scalp. I had healthy thick hair and now psoriasis has destroyed the back of my hair. I wish it was at least somewhere that I can hide it but not ruining my damn hair! What can help make my hair grow? Please let me know if any of you use or tried anything that can help control the symptoms of psoriasis.
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    update on my psoriasis. it was under control which means i only had a few patches on my one arm and back and one leg but it has absolulely exploded on my skin now. i am going thru some very stressful times. i just keep it moisturized and use head and shoulders for my hair. the zinc seems to help. the coal tar was becoming irritating to my scalp. i use gold bond ultimate healing cream, or palmers cocoa butter lotion, i even can use bath and body works vanilla cream, the main thing i think helps is makeup artists choice rosehips and hibiscus cream.(this used to work really well but i have to use more than just this) shower in warm not hot water, before you are completely dry put on the creams or lotions. if i new how to get out of this stressfull time i would probably recover quicker. stress is my problem. psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. your immune system goes out of whack and makes your body think your skin is in trouble and needs to make more skin cells. as these add up your skin gets itchy with white dry patches. there is no cure. just treatment. they have shots you can get but i don't want them because they lower your immune system to where your body can't fight off any illness. we are between a rock and a hard place.. blessings to all who have psoriasis, may your breakouts be mild and your life stress free.

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    Seawater works for many skin conditions; it's great to bring some home from the beach, and warm it up.
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    My mum suffers from psoriasis too. Her doctor advised her to apply seawater over the affected parts as seawater is beneficial in curing psoriasis. Another good home remedy is to apply pure aloe vera gel or cucumber cream.

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