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    @Purpledoll: wow. I have scarring alopecia in crown of head. My roof was gone, George Jefferson. I was depressed. I used onion juice 3x a week after watching videos from YouTube. 98% of my crown came back. Doctors said with scarring alopecia (centrifugal cicatricial alopecia aka CCA) the follicles are dead and there's no coming back from that. I felt ruined. Confused. Frustrated. Panicked. I now use red onion juice mixed with yellow onion juice. Grate or put fresh cut onions in blender. Get a cheese cloth or strong paper towel and squeeze juice out into bowl/jar/container/ spray bottle. Transfer juice into whichever would be easier to put onto scalp. Apply to scalp or problem area and massage in. Put shower cap/ plastic cap on so your own head would warm it up and penetrate. I sleep with it overnight. Now I incorporate the mixture with rice water and don't wash out after about 2 weeks. Sidebar: don't come near me. Lol. Someone in the comment section said and I quote, " Use onion juice in rice water for a month straight. Thank me later." So I'm trying this all over my head not just hairline and crown.
    @2toned you apply everyday 2 wks straight or just once? How do u incorporate the shower cap into your daily routine? Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpledoll View Post
    Has anyone tried derma rolling, Rogain, stinging nettle, NAC, MSM, Moringa, (sulfur powder, Megatek -on scalp). I have been taking the stinging nettle supplement once a day and NAC. I mix the MSM, Moringa, C powder, flaxseed, hemp seed, black seed oil, blueberries, garlic, and protein powder in a smoothie every morning since august 2019. I drink in a glass of water at night diatomaceous earth food grade (silicon). I have to keep cutting my nails they are growing very fast. I dermaroll 3 times a week.

    I wear my hair in Crochet braids monthly, I use an oil mixture on my scalp and edges. the mixture consist of essential oils like rosemary, bergamont, peppermint, castor oil, msm powder, nettle, nac, sea kelp, mustard oil, lavender, tea tree, just to name a few. So far my hair is growing where i have hair but the edges and bald area at the top hasn't grown, but i do have some peach fuzz which gives me hope that the edges are getting activated. I have scarring alopecia but i will never give up hope. i wasted my money two years ago one PRP injections with A-cell. You would think the derm would follow up with their patient to see if their was any improvement but i never received a phone call.
    @Purpledoll I read that u have to do a series of treatments for the prp to work. imo it is cheaper to save and have a transplant.

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    Mazikeen. yes i had a series of 3 very painful PRP sessions and i will never do that again. you are right a transplant would of been better.

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    I will try the onion treatment and wash it out every morning before work. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purpledoll View Post
    Mazikeen. yes i had a series of 3 very painful PRP sessions and i will never do that again. you are right a transplant would of been better.
    @Purpledoll issa scam, prp. Would also like to try the onion treatment. Waiting on your review regarding the smell.

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