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    Has anyone ever had liposuction of any sort? Particularly under the chin where the fat pad is?

    Im all ears.

    Ive scheduled a consultation with a very well known Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeon for two procedures. The time is right

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    I never have, I know someone whos done it on her thighs and love handles and she bruised liked she was beaten. it was horrific.

    Have you looked at the laser lipo? I'm sure with any lipo there is bruising, but they do have a med you can take prior too to help with it so do ask about it!! I have a friend who is a nurse for a PS, I will get the name of the med if you need me too.
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    Hi gymmie, it'll be fine for now. Il bear that in mind though. Thanks!

    Consult is booked for a few months. Super excited. I'm not sure what kind of lipo it would be under the chin area. Drives me nuts on certain angles.

    I know when it comes to rhinoplasty taking arnica tabs help. Surgeons recommend it.

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    You should do Laser liposuccion
    The cryolipolyse also give a very good results on this area with no side effect (perhaps a small ecchymose) if your esthetician has an appropriate machine and it.s cheaps and the results can be seen after every session.

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    I heard after liposuction the areas where the fat is removed leaves dimpling under the skin..... I am not sure how true it is though.

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