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Thread: I love Triluma (using for two years) but now my dermo wont refill my prescription!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvgirl View Post
    I am 32 and have very good skin, except for the sun spots. I get them on my forhead, my temples, nose, and cheeks.

    Triluma will take any spots away in a few days. I love it. It does make me pale, but I use self tanner.

    Anyways, I am model so I cant have spots on my face. I needed a refill because I am out, and it works on me.

    He gave me Differin (and I have never had acne in my life) and Aveeno spf 30 (?) daily lotion. Not sure how this can save my face....

    My dermo said that using triluma should only be for 6 months and that he wouldn't give me any more. He said that I can go get laser done (ya right!) when I get the spots and that using triluma long term will cause rosacea.

    Is this true?

    So I asked him what should I do? He said to just wear zinc and stay out of the sun. (Um..I live in Las Vegas, work outside occasionally and already wear zinc..not going to happen)

    What are your opinions?

    Actually, my thoughts are if you live in Las Vegas........you need much more than a SPF 30. You better bump that SPF up and apply it often or you will have more spots than you will know what to do with!!!
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    it has a steroid in it that thins the skin. Just use HQ & retin-A..u should be able to have similar results

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    Here's the results of a study that was done with Triluma:

    Am J Dermatopathol. 2009 Sep 7. [Epub ahead of print]
    A Histological Examination for Skin Atrophy After 6 Months of Treatment With Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.01%, Hydroquinone 4%, and Tretinoin 0.05% Cream.

    Bhawan J, Grimes P, Pandya AG, Keady M, Byers HR, Guevara IL, Colón LE, Johnson LA, Gottschalk R.

    From the *Dermatopathology Section, Department of Dermatology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA; daggerThe Vitiligo and Pigmentation Institute of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; double daggerDepartment of Dermatology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX; and section signGalderma Laboratories, L.P., Fort Worth, TX.

    Melasma is a common disorder affecting a significant percentage of the population, particularly those with skin of color. Therapy with hydroquinone, a depigmenting agent, as a single agent or in combination with other agents has been used with variable success. A triple-combination (TC) cream combining hydroquinone 4% with tretinoin 0.05% and fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% was developed for the treatment of melasma. We studied the use of TC cream for 24 weeks and had tissue samples for all time points in 62 patients with moderate to severe melasma. The atrophogenic potential of TC cream was evaluated through serial histopathologic examination of skin biopsies. No statistically significant histopathologic signs of atrophy of the epidermis or dermis were noted at any time point throughout the study. There was a marked reduction in epidermal melanin in treated subjects; however, we did not observe any significant difference in baseline and treated samples in the amount of perivascular inflammatory infiltrate, dermal mucin, keratinocyte and melanocyte atypia, or mast cells, consistent with findings of previous studies where topical retinoids were used. An increase in the mean number of blood vessels per square millimeter of tissue was observed in 2 study cohorts between baseline and week 24. These results suggest that the risk of skin atrophy with 24-week use of TC cream for the treatment of melasma is very low.

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    @LightenNLift - can you share website to purchase triluma online.

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