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Thread: Kassy's Vit C Recipe - Order Quantities?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by GlowyGoddess002 View Post
    @gymrat can you help me DIY a vitamin c serum?? What do I need to purchase??
    @GlowyGoddess002 YES I CAN!!

    1 tsp Vit C -Makingcosmetics, Lotioncrafters, Bulkactives
    1 tsp Oil of your choice just be sure its 100% pure oil no other oils mixed with it.
    1/4 tsp Ferulic Acid-Lotioncrafters, Bulkactives
    1/8-1/4 tsp Poly 80, Makingcosmetic, Lotioncrafters, Bulkactives
    3 tsps Distilled water local grocery store, same water you would use in your iron.
    1 tsp SKB Bulkactives, Lotioncrafters
    1/4 tsp Vit E Lotioncrafters, Bulkactives
    1/4 tsp Vodka Highest proof you can find and you can use sample bottles if you need too only needs a little bit. Keep it in the freezer!!

    1 Droppler bottle

    Mix in shot glass #1 your Vit C and distilled water
    Mix in shot glass #2 your oils and SKB
    Mix in shot glass #3 FA and Vodka

    Once your things have dissolved mix the all together in shot glass #1, mix well. I use a milk frother to mix mine but use what you have. Pour in your bottle and give a good shake works too.

    Ask all the questions you need too!!
    Hello gymrat, what if I want to make this at 20%? What will be the quantities?

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    Quote Originally Posted by may691 View Post
    Hello gymrat, what if I want to make this at 20%? What will be the quantities?
    @may691 this is for 20% Vit C serum so your quantities would be the same
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