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    can anyone tell me where to buy dodo and Pigment dour in the us ???? I'm so confused and scared to buy bad products

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    Quote Originally Posted by milk skin View Post
    can anyone tell me where to buy dodo and Pigment dour in the us ???? I'm so confused and scared to buy bad products
    @milk skin ....ebay, amazon....i get mine locally at the african store

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    Quote Originally Posted by moon maiden View Post
    Hey lovely sorry work has been kicking my behind. I answered your pm hun let me know if you need any more help. Piment doux is the ish it really lightened my hands and feet i like it a lot.

    Im sure you may have posted this some where before, if you don't mind me asking again, how did you use it to work for your feet and hands and what would you recommend to lighten dark feet hands and lips. Thanks in advance

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by 2toned View Post

    @2toned: Given what you just said about NLZ i am thinking of backing out of my current regimen ( on day 2 of planned 7 days of NLZ peel). I just completed a 2 week 85% TCA peel with coupled with lactic 35% 3 weeks ago. It took another 1.5 weeks to get all the skin peeled and It peeled good on one feet and the other did not peel much so I decided to do the NLZ but it might be over kill as I had one very light foot for about 1.5 weeks which as now turned back dark though still lighter than the other.

    Decsionons decions decisions.... should I keep going to complete the NLZ regimen or take a break and just try to lighten since you said the NLZ actually darkended worse than before.

    MAY be a gradual exfoilate wud work ?? .. I might mix the NLZ with amlactin @ 1 :4 ratio and see if this will lighten or gradually exfoilate to prevent PIH. It just seems everyones feebck on this NLZ is very different.

    MAYBE i shud still to TCA since i know it worked 4 me the 2nd time around ?

    somebody help me make a decision lol...
    @Betamix speaking out of experiance.
    I had the same issue. The only peel that works well on my dark knuckle is tca. try this regime!!!
    I did tca peel 50% about 2 weeks ago and my knuckles are still lovely. This is how am maintaining so far. @night : I rub retina a then let it dry, then piment doux let it dry then carotone serum mix with bsc cream and then wear 2 latex free gloves.
    morning: scrub my hands with black sugar scrub (any scryb can do the job), rub my piment doux serum 5 min then carotone serum let it dry then my zinc sun screen and then go to work.
    afternoon: wash my hands with any soap available @work then follow up with my piment doux and dodo serum. (AC on, no sun screen) I do this every 2 hours. till 19:00 then i rub my sun screen when leaving my work to go home sun or no sun!!
    do this and u will love ur hands and knuckle like never before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIME View Post
    What are the ingredients of this pigment doux serum? ... That'd make a good starting point.
    I will post the ingredients tomorrow when I go home. The one am having right now is in another rubber. I would'nt want people asking questions that is why I put it in baby oil rubber.

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