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    I absolutly agree with Tashab. I too, worked with Pevonias RS2 line and saw tremendous results with this product. I had several clients who used the product at home and came regularlily for RS2 facials and the skin improved dramatically. Recently, a friend came to me with telegantasia, which is a form of spider veins. I got her on the RS2 and with in a few days her skin calmed completely. Check out the Pevonia website and they can give you a list of spas near you that carry it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy View Post
    I've posted some pics of my disorder.

    Tnewton - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I think it's some form of Rosacea. If I have any beer, or coffee, or stimulant of any kind, even green tea, my face shrivels, turns red, burns, get very porous. It usually takes two days for symptoms to occur, and about two weeks to heal. It used to be less. Now it doesn't seem to heal at all.

    You can see some close ups of my cheeks, which were very nice snd smooth two years ago. I"m 29.

    My forehead is getting nasty as well. I suppose I should see a dermatologist. I did once, and he told me to put Head and Shoulders on it. Idiot. Another one gave my mild cortozone to stop the scaling, which helped, but I don't use it much.

    I also look like a racoon some days, face all red, and my eyes get jaundiced.

    Any ideas? My self esteem is plummeting.
    Hi Billy,

    I understand your frustration. I am experiencing the same situation as you but I haven't seen my GP yet about my red, flushing cheeks and chin. Fizzy drinks, chocolates and spicy food make my facial redness worse. I always thought I had acne but now I am sure I have rosacea instead

    Do not lose hope as I am sure this can either be cured or controlled if you follow proper treatment by your dermatologist. In the meantime, best advice I can give you is to avoid the drinks and foods that make your redness worse and change your dermatologist.
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    It could be Rosacea, it isn't even close to how my face use to be and can still get!! See a doctor and don't self diagnose yourself.
    It to me almost looks like you have had an allergic reaction of some sort...see a doc..

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    I must be looking at totally different pictures than the rest of you..

    I don't see *any* sign of Rosacea in those 3 pictures..

    And yes, I have seen every form, from mild to profound, in my 21 years of being a nurse practitioner.

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    The original post is over two years old now. I wonder how Billy is doing? He hasn't signed in since April 29, 2007.

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    My face looked exactly like this 2 months ago, a friend said that Rosacea is caused by a pathogen, she told me to try this mixture, it may or may not work for you.
    1 tablespoon Avocado oil/or Extra virgin olive oil ( preferably cold pressed)
    1/2 tsp Castor oil
    1 drip ( this is important) food grade cinnamon oil
    It makes your face very red for about an hour and there is definitely a burning sensation, this goes away in about 20 minutes or so.
    Do no use more than 1 drip of cinnamon oil, or it will really irritate your face.

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    I have been using Metrogel for years and it keeps it under control.

    You can't control everything, have some chocolate and wine..good grief you only live once.

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    From what I have heard about colon cleansing it's not the most pleasnat experience.

    Fortunalty cleansing the colon is as easy as eating plenty of fruits and vegtables and drinking lots of water. No need to waste your money on colon cleansing products.

    Quote Originally Posted by skincareteacher View Post
    Have you tried a colon cleanse? Usually most of what ails us is in the colon, and by detoxifying, the ailments disappear. Try Best Colon Cleansing and Body Detox Programs

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    I have rosaca so bad I will not go out in public

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    People are cruel when you have a skin condition like Rosacea. Always looking at you like you have some kind of disease. But keep looking out their, with all the natural products out their someone is bound to find the cure or at least a great relief for Rosacea.

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