Where To Order Colored Contacts Online?

Thread: Where To Order Colored Contacts Online?

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    Cool Where To Order Colored Contacts Online?

    I wanted to order some colored contacts online and was wondering what websites you would recommend? I'm only looking to spend twenty to forty bucks for a pair of gold contacts.. possibly grey. Gold looks more natural on me as I have brown eyes.. but I hate my brown eyes even though everyone else seems to love them. Not trying to be fake or anything.. just bored and insecure I guess haha who the hell knows. I've always had a problem with my looks.. maybe some day I'll stop caring.. for right now I just want to feel good about myself I guess.

    So... any websites you guys usually order from? I've gotten them from a doctor before but I don't need to spend $200 bucks for 4 pairs even though they lasted a long time because I barely wore them.. only when I went out but still.. just looking for something temporary. Thanks!
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    Hey, howdy you can look up www.paranalentes.com they carry beautiful colors and different prices.
    My fav grey is solotical ocre, so cute but on the high side.

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