Has Anyone Used Mane Choice/Hairfinity

Thread: Has Anyone Used Mane Choice/Hairfinity

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    Has Anyone Used Mane Choice/Hairfinity

    If "Yes" state your experience(s). If "No" menaing you've used something else, please also state your experience(s).

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    I have used hairfinity & it didn't do nothing 4 4months & the capsules r never complete in the bottle.Always missing 3-4caps. I never had a bottle that was complete plus i was losing lots of hair so i stopped.
    What is ur hair priority? By d way, i'm 4yrs natural with almost waist length hair (they say my hair is 4c but i don't care about hair typing, i just do what works 4 my hair). Let me know & maybe i could make some suggestions 4 u.

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    4Z hair and bald/receded edges/hairline. Let's say my history textbook has nothing on my edges.

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