Can I layer these two sunscreens? or will one be inactivated?

Thread: Can I layer these two sunscreens? or will one be inactivated?

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    Can I layer these two sunscreens? or will one be inactivated?

    I apply avene Avene Very High Protection Lotion SPF 50+ (which I beleive has avobenzone)... and then put a zinc oxide sunscreen on top. I layer because zinc oxide sunscreen alone doesn't prevent me from getting color. I have heard that avobenzone can be inactivated by zinc oxide and create free radicals but others say that the avobenzone is stable in the avene sunscreen. Can you guys help?

    Any other sunscreens that I can layer to get maximum protection?

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    The easiest way to explain this, is to read this article, it gives you all the info you need and then some
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    If the Avo in your sunscreen is micro encapsulated you should be OK. However, its hard to get this info out of the Euro SS manufacturers. From what I've read online the LRP Anthelios SS's have micro encapsulated Avo (certainly in their tinted and combo physical/mineral screens I should imagine but word on the street is that all of them do!)

    The other option is to get a Zinc SS with coated ZnO which you should, in theory, be cool to layer on top of an AVO containing screen. Its much easier to get the answer of whether the zinc is coated out of most U.S ZnO sunscreen manufacturers than it is out of Euro AVO containing SS manufacturers (and I should think many on this forum should be able to help you out with which ones are coated e.g Marie Veronique, Pratima, Burnout etc etc.)

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    I do it all the time I feel la Roche posay from Europe layered with shiseido high zinc sunscreen is the bomb

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