Hyperaggravated KP or acne?

Thread: Hyperaggravated KP or acne?

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    Hyperaggravated KP or acne?

    I started using a maybelline concealer on my face. Unfortunately, I learned very quickly that you cannot leave that on your face overnight like you could with a bb cream! Which I warned myself against but, just as avidly, did not listen to better judgement. (!!) I started noticing a couple of new bumps on my face, and decided it was time to stop using, but not before it got considerably worse. While it might not have been the biggest cause, it was definitely a contributing factor. I used a collagen mask recently, and I was met with some pretty rough effects after using a sugar and water scrub, gentler than I might usually do (since my skin was getting pretty dry) and I'll tell you the after effects have been concerning. I am having all these bigger bumps on my face, itchy, irritated ones on my eyelids (which are DEFINITELY from the concealer) and some very obvious acne on my forehead. This in particular was pre existing, though very very subtle.

    There have been times where I used sugar on my face before, (more often than not when I didn't use honey) and gotten a dry patch here or there, but this is a couple notches up. My whole face is very dry, and a couple of spots are pretty itchy. I don't know if the avid use of concealer (and a sugar scrub, that may have made my skin worse) is aggravating my kp really bad, or if my face is on the brink of an acne breakout. I've never really had acne. But if it's the latter, my face is pretty bad for a while haha. But things can improve with proper care and time, and so I need some help to figure out what I'm seeing here, and what course of action I need to take in order to take care of it.

    I have some pictures to show of it (best possible lighting I had at the moment!) where you can see some pretty rough looking, bigger bumps around and on my eyes, and face.

    image.jpg you can see here those particularly big ones beneath my eye there.



    a closer shot of the bumps that have shown up on and around my eyes.

    edit: i can do eyeliner i swear idk what's going on with that line :,)) ://
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    Have you considered contact dermatitis? That's what it looks like to me.... I have sensitive skin and that happens whenever I use something too strong.

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