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    Exclamation Someone tell me what this is

    Hey guys, this random red spots started appearing on both side of my cheek and near my jawbones out of nowhere. It started from an itch which i didnt pay much attention to and these came suddenly. Are these acne? im currently washing my face twice a day however this has been here for about 3months now. Is it because of dry skin? Doesnt seem to go off. Thanks so much.


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    Have you seen a dermatologist? What do you wash your face with? What's your face regimen? Did you change products recently?

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    I just went to the clinic today, doc told me that its acne. Just a facial cleanser and a facial scrub. I used a moisturizer yesterday and my face itched badly. i have been trying different products recently to try to get rid of this.

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    What are you using? What is the name of the products? You may be washing your face too much. Its only necessary to wash at night to remove dirt, make-up, and sunscreen. In the am, just a splash with water should do. To me it looks like some acne scarring and blackheads.
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