Small red spots and large red areas on face **pics**

Thread: Small red spots and large red areas on face **pics**

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    Angry Small red spots and large red areas on face **pics**

    Hello everybody! I follow a dedicated skin care routine consisting of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer in an attempt to resolve this issue, however it still persists. It's been bugging me for a while, so I've decided to seek help here.
    I have small red spots (dots) on my face and large light red spots (with the red dots in these spots). They are only around my cheek area. I haven't had any breakouts in a while since I've started daily cleansing a while ago, and I never had really bad acne, just the weekly whitehead or pimple for a while a few years ago. I drink lots of water, keep my sheets clean, and do everything I can in attempt to achieve clear healthy skin!

    Can somebody please let me know what these blemishes are, or how I may get rid of them?

    All replies are appreciated!

    They may look very faint in these images but they are very apparent when i'm pale after the sun has been in for a while or just after I have just woken up.
    Also, a sub-question. What are these small raised bumps under my eyes? They are colorless, and on both sides, only on my bottom eyelids.

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    Looks like irritated skin, do you moisturize? Try a soothing moisturizer or 100% pure aloe vera gel.

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