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Thread: Muses road to personal goal skin

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    Muses road to personal goal skin

    Andd........ we're done. Thank you, everyone, on SCT who gave me advice to everything I had no clue of doing. Wanted to make this post since I bothered a lot of people with questions so I wanted to thank you all and I also wanted people to not feel discouraged if one thing doesn't work for them. Everyone's skin is different and that is why it requires your own research sometimes along with your promise to commit and with those two things I am sure everyone on here will reach their goal if they haven't already.

    My natural tone. This picture is from February, you can see I was even but still dark for me.


    I then decided to use a HQ fade cream on my face to see how it would react, it worked well for 3 months

    Mid April


    but then I took the break of HQ and used bearberry extract but that turned into this after a mere 2 weeks off HQ... Murdered my natural even skin tone, made me darker overall while also causing breakouts somehow though that could be related to something else but I rarely ever do breakout so I'm unsure if it was. Nonetheless, I was at my lowest of lows here, did not even want to go outside

    May 1st - 17th
    8da22e2f2d.jpg 5c1f4b02e0.jpg a12e864807.jpg
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    In a panic I started rubbing more HQ on my skin as a desperate attempt to make my skin better but that's when I came across this website and spent hours looking through countless threads for a more natural method than HQ with promising results and that's when I came across the G&G/Dodo/IKB mix which I started on May 17th as I marked it since the HQ stopped working for me even after using it on May 1st.

    June 29th:



    My goal was:


    Not sure if I'm 100% there due to my possible lightorexia but what I do know is that I am happy with where I am and will just maintain from now on.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________

    Some things I would tell anyone starting out as most of these have been said by other members plenty of teams but the point still needs to driven across:

    1) Before you even think about anything, find a skin building routine.
    - This will save your pain and stress and overall just plain benefit your skin and every single way possible, lightening or not.

    2) Exfoliate but do not overdo it, you will damage your skin and it will leave marks. This is reversible by more skin building by just avoid it in the first place
    3) Invest in a sauna suit if you're down for the challenge of consistency, using it a few times during the week.
    4) SAP (Sun avoidance and Protection)
    5) Do not look in the mirror every morning and night looking for results, patience is your best friend.
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    Great thread.
    Following. Love these personal threads.

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    boy your skin is on point!!! What you used for your face?

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    Your hands are goals! You look even and natural.

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    You look great! This is so encouraging.

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    What you use on them lips tho?

    Great job! The results speak for themselves! G&G and Ikb and Dodo? Wow!
    Face: Kojie San
    Body: G&G lotion, Clinic Clear lotion, Carotone BSC Serum, G&G oil
    Soap: Dead Sea Salt and Clear Essence Aha and Kojie San (Face)

    Hidden Content

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    Is that all you use is your mix ? And what sunscreen?

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    ty all, really would not have seen any changes without the people from this forum.

    I used two things, first one was too strong for my tastes so I swapped it out but it was.
    1 IKB Gel
    1 IKB Serum
    1/4th IKB Cream
    Bit of G&G Oil
    Bit of G&G Lotion

    Changed to
    1 IKB Gel
    1 IKB Serum
    Bit of G&G Oil

    For my lips I just use g&g oil mixed with IKB Gel that moon mentioned in some thread, forgot exactly where I saw this. I also then use shouvy soap on it 1-2x a week.

    Sunscreen for Body:

    For Face:
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    You look great. Your skin looks really healthy too.. Is your back the same shade as well? I think my hands are the same shade as yours but my back is my issue.. I ordered my G&G a while back but haven't started using it yet, Plan to start in about a week.

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