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    Really, please help

    Hi guys!

    Im new here. Im from scandinavia so please forgive me if i misspell something. Im a 32 year old woman who have suffered from melasma for the past 8 years. Ive tried EVERYTHING.
    Arbutin, vit-c, obagi, msm, gfse, holistic treatments and so on. Im so depressed atm, im hiding inside and crying everyday. Ive always been a health junkie, i dont eat sugar, junk food etc. I work in heath care so i know what im doing, but still nothing seems to work on my stubborn melasma.The obagi did work though, but i started 3 years ago with it and i seem to be "immune" to it now.

    I have melasma on my forehead, cheeks, upper lip and i also have a lipliner. Peoole have commented on my lipliner, asked if i have dirt on my forehead. This made me so depressed, i cant even describe.

    Im not on bc, havent been since 2010, never had kids. All blood tests are ok. Im have fair skin, nobody in my family has ever had any pigmentation problems so WHY me. It ruins my life.

    A dermatologist suggested i do a medium TCA peel. Im so desperate i think i will do this. She told me not to do any laser treatments, since these can make my melasma worse.

    Is there anybody of you lovely ladies who have had success with a tca peel for melasma?

    Ps. Ive been reading this forum for many years and thought that now is the time for me to write here too. Please help. Please please please.

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    I forgot to say that i avoid the sun, wear sunblock and hats everytime im outside, even if its cloudy. Hydroquinon is banned in the eu and that is one of the reasons i dont want to use it anymore.

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    Yeah, first of all. Stay out of the sun!
    My advice is don't do laser it will just make your skin more sensitive to the sun.
    Luckily there is a 'cure' that seems to work for almost everyone: transino - there is quite a lot of post in this forum as well. Let me know if you have any questions regarding it, but I suggest readint the posts first.

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