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    Bumpy forehead

    Hey guys, my first post here.
    For a while now I've had small bumps on my forehead. I've tried going to a really nice lady who opened up my pores with steam, cleared them through really well and my skin was beautiful everywhere apart from my forehead, it hasn't gotten better after the session. When I try to squeeze them out, white puss comes out but the bumps don't disappear and don't look deflated like normal pimples do. I've read that it might be my conditioner residue clogging my pores but I take extra care to not get the conditioner or shampoo on my face and always after washing my hair I properly clean out my skin with the black and white head facial scrubs. No idea what to do anymore ????
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    You need to visit a dermatologist to be sure of what's causing it

    Doxycycline tablets , Panoxyl (B.p base) , Retin A I alternate when using these and sometimes DIY acne home remedies

    I wouldn't say my face is 100% acne free but using these have kept most of my breakouts at bay

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