Whaaaat is this!!

Thread: Whaaaat is this!!

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    Whaaaat is this!!

    Hey guys!!

    I'm new to this I haven't ever posted on a forum before and I'm pretty much nervous about it.

    So my look after my skin really well, I used to have nice smooth skin then one day BAAAAM stuff everywhere, pimples, acne, cystic painful little things that have scared my face too. So now I have calmed down skin however on my cheeks I have these raised bumps. I'm just wondering if anyone can help me identify what they are!!

    I do have a Good skin care, I moisturise, I tone, I cleanse. Good products too. But they're just not getting rid of this!

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    Looks like blocked pores to me, which is a common trigger for acne. Look into a salicylic acid cleanser one with at least 2%, use a mild mandalic peel weekly and things will start to clear up.
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