Facial skin getting darker

Thread: Facial skin getting darker

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    Facial skin getting darker

    Hey guys, I'm a 17 year old male and I have started to notice that my skin is getting noticeably darker then it use to be. my skin use to be quite light but now my skin is a lot darker. any tips on how to improve that? I might add that it may be due to sunlight because I recently joined a uni and have to walk in daylight. but im not sure if its because of that. any Idea how to improve my skin color?

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    its definitely because of sun,. wear a good zinc oxide ss and hats, avoid sun and seek shade while walking. This would help

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    In addition to the advice above, make sure you are exfoliating and using good products which won't irritate you. Certainly sun avoidance and protection are the best method though.

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    I didn’t know tomatoes made you darker! That totally explains a lot for me. I’ve been eating salads lately

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan1121 View Post
    It's probably
    because of the sun, but it could also be to a small extent due to diet (if you're eating more carrots and tomatoes, for example).

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    It might also be irritation and I know this because when I go a bit overboard with products, my face especially gets a bit darker from the irritation and over scrubbing. Please be gentle when using products and don't use so much of them.. a good regimen should only be a few high quality products that is geared to your unique skin type.

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