Dark Spots after Popping Pimples on Face

Thread: Dark Spots after Popping Pimples on Face

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    Dark Spots after Popping Pimples on Face

    Whenever I end up popping a pimple, from my face, to my arm, anywhere, it leaves this dark black spot on me as shown as in the images, anyone got any remedies for this? Any medicine, anything at all??
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    As a vigilant dermatologist in Lucknow would like to point out some measures through which people can prevent them from any kind of acne infection:
    Keep your face clean
    For preventing yourself from acne problem you must wash your face twice daily with a mild face wash, not harsh deodorant body soap and warm water. After that, gently swipe your face with a soft cloth. This procedure will free your face from any kind of toxins and dust. Thus, low chances of acne.
    Moisturize your skin
    According to acne treatment in Lucknow moisturizing the skin also prevent the skin from any kind of acne infection. There are different types of moisturizer available in the market based on different skin type. Correct selection of moisturizer will protect you all from infection.
    Use counter products for acne
    In case you are suffering from acne then you may visit to Dr Neeraj Pandey's Derma clinic, which will guide you well for the usage of products which will counter the acne and will render you clean and clear skin.

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    Hey Roopzilla I really understood your concern in order to avoid these black spots on your face instead of blindly buying and applying some creams on your face you can trust online reviews and websites. Recently i have purchased a product from amazon by going through a website and it really helped me a lot in terms of getting my natural skin back to me. please do contact me if you need more clarity.

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    I would try CelSana Beauty and Health's Color Spot Roller Ball. I have a friend that has the same issue and she uses it regularly. Her dark spots and scarring from breakouts are no longer visible.

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