Fallene Total Block Gone - disaster

Thread: Fallene Total Block Gone - disaster

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    Fallene Total Block Gone - disaster

    Ive gone to re-purchase Fallene Total Block & I'm devastated to find that it's gone everywhere, I'm guessing discontinued. I cant beleive it as it was just perfect for me. I'm so mad because something I'd finally found that helped is now gone and now I'm left helpless again. It was THE one thing for me not only because of the block but because of the consistency and total coverage. I can't find anything else. I've purchased Roche Possay BB tinted today but I'm disappointed that it's so thin. Please can anyone help, I'm desperate to find something that has the same coverage and colour. I'm in the UK too and have fair skin and a little hormonal acne.

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    I’m looking too. So sad. It was amazing

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    For me la roche posay anthelios xl dry touch from U.K. and shiseido babies n children spf 50 have been way more effective in preventing a tan than fallene that didn't work for me

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