100% TCA Peel. I am in desperate need of help

Thread: 100% TCA Peel. I am in desperate need of help

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    100% TCA Peel. I am in desperate need of help

    Yesterday out of pure stupidity and negligence i put 100% TCA on my nose thinking this solution isnt that strong (i didnt do research unfortunately) . Now my nose is looking like this.
    These are the pics taken at around 40 hrs mark after the TCA peel. Within 15 seconds of applying TCA i washed my face with baking soda water after realizing it was a mistake and then applied triple antibiotic cream. Where will this peel wound be after a month or two and what can i expect. I live in a remote area there are no dermatologists nearby. I had ordered 100% TCA via Amazon. I am really depressed now and also angry at myself.

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    I've never heard of 100% TCA peel before, I would apply an antibiotic ointment on it and keep it on until it fully heals. Neosporin or anything similar.
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    there is some yellow fluid on your nose which could be infection, call your doctor to be sure

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    This is pic at Day 14. There is an indented scar which i think may need subcision, microneedling or skin graft, will see later. It has filled in a bit though in the past 7 days. The area is very pink. I am keeping it moist with polymyxin B and bacitracin.

    Dayy 14.jpg
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    Here are the pictures from Day 18.
    The color has faded a little bit and the indented Scar also seems to have filled in by 40-50% in the last 2 weeks. I am not sure where this wound is heading and it is still giving me scares from time to time. These pictures are taken right after face was washed with a gentle facewash. I have stopped using polymyxin B and currently i am using Vesaline+Natural honey. I will also be starting a Manuka honey massage on it after 2 weeks as this is the expected shipping time for the Manuka honey to come to my place.

    Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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