Stretch mark crisis

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    Stretch mark crisis

    I'm 17 years old and i have stretch marks on my breasts/butt/thighs/back and calves. They aren't severe but bother me more than you would expect.
    I feel like they are forming before my eyes. It puts me in this horrible anxiety attack and i'm probably stressing my poor mother out.
    Do you guys have any advice or possible witch craft? (literally willing to do anything, bring it at me) i already use bio oil and vitamin E body lotion everyday and i drink lots and lots of water.
    I find it very therapeutic to read the threads so thank you for that.
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    Hi hun, I’ve read a couple of threads about stretch marks and the majority of people were suggesting lactic acid lotion (amlactin or any lotion of choice containing lactic acid) in conjuction with daily cocoa butter application on the affected area could possibly help with fading stretch marks. I highly recommend palmers body butter that is specifically designed for reducing the appearance of stretch marks since it also contains collagen and elastin. Just make sure you put the lactic acid first and let it soak in completely and then apply the cocoa butter on top when skin is dried. Or you could apply the cocoa butter in the morning and amlactin in the evening, although I’ll suggest layering them because the lactic acid exfoliates the skin for whichever following product you put on top to be absorbed even better. Hope this helps xx

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