Red/pink skin after popping pimple, but not after scab

Thread: Red/pink skin after popping pimple, but not after scab

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    Red/pink skin after popping pimple, but not after scab

    Hey there!

    I had a couple of large spots on my cheek and I picked at them regrettably (I KNOW how stupid it is!), the skin went pinky red after but never actually developed a scab or anything like that. The skin where the pimples were is just circles of red/pink skin that isn't very dry and seems smooth.
    After a scab falls off I know this tends to happen, but this time I haven't had a scab and instead the skin has just done what I've mentioned.

    What products shall I apply to help minimalise the colour? I have quite pale skin so I think this makes the area look redder than it actually is but its so annoying. Is there a name for what this is?

    I'm in the UK so please recommend some products I could use over here.

    Thanks so much!

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    Looks like basic acne to me. I would look for a cleanser that contains 2% salicylic acid. You can find them in most drug stores, several brands contain 2%, read the ingredient listing it will specifically say salicylic acid 2%. Biore is one to look for

    Also, be sure you clean every night and change your pillow case a couple times a week, this is super important and most never realize it. The cleanser alone will help dry things up, if its too drying use it once a day preferably in the evening before bed. If you need to use moisturizer use Cetaphil. Looks like this

    Another one is CeraVe. Hope this helps!
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