My experience with eczema. Where, why and how i keep it under control. Still learning

Thread: My experience with eczema. Where, why and how i keep it under control. Still learning

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    My experience with eczema. Where, why and how i keep it under control. Still learning

    Hi everyone, i want to share my experience, maybe someone would found it useful. A little bit of my story:
    I was born with eczema but it disappeared when i was a little child because my mother has always been very careful with my skin by using always gentle product from the farmacy ( from bodywashes to cream).
    Is believed that my eczema is genetic becuse some of my closest relatives have it.
    It reappeared from nowhere when i was 15 i would say, on the back of my right hand. Then on the palm and the inner part of the fingers also. To keep it under contol a dermatologist suggested the pomade Elocon with cortisone, it work in few days but is a temporary remedy. Cortisone also need a prescription in the pharmacies in my country.
    At 19 i started using makeup dayly and in winter a concealer for the under eyes area got me a patch of eczema, right in that sensitive area. I also got it around the mouth. I used an cream for sensitive skin from the french brand payot and resolved the problem, i still had patches on my right hand and continued using elocon.
    At 21 i discovered the cream La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluide and i had no more patches on the face in any season.
    At 22 during winter i got very small patches on my leg, randomly placed. Still have on the inner part of my finger on right hand a now for the first time i have it also on a finger on the left hand.
    On the hands it leave no scars at all but on the leg it leaved a little mark.

    WHAT GET ME THE PATCHES: genetic first, changes(rapid) in temperatures,season, climate and artificial heating(especially), air conditioning. Contact with dust or objects covered in dust and dirt. Agressive detergent and soaps. Cream that are too light in texture and dry out m skin. excessive heat and cold. Excessive time under an hot shower. Washing hands too much times.

    GETTING RID OF IT QUICKLY: elocon pomade with cortisone for two or three days, leaving it some time on the patch. washing the hands as little as possible with little soap.

    PREVENTING PATCHES ON THE FACE:using a soap that clean the skin well but is not too agressive. If the skin feels to squeaky clean and pulls and feel too unconfrotable without putting a cream immediately is too agressive. Using the same simple cream following a simple routine. Don't wash the face more than three times a day. Removing makeup gently, a micellar water is very good. If using wipes make sure that the material is soft. Avoid long hot showers.

    On my hands i still have to find the solution, for now i use cortisone sometimes and shea butter to help healing what i scratched to blood. If it gets fleaky i massage the patch with olive oil to remove gently dead dry skin.

    I didn't found any product that helps with my hands i just live with it and i try to not think about, i'm kind of used now . Sometimes if i scratched them to blood and stuff comes out i feel that i have to cover the patch with a band aid to avoid being unigienic and not decent.
    I'm unconfortable with it only when i scratched badly my hand maybe during spleep

    All advice and tips are welcome!

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    Thank you for the tips. It is helpful for those of us that do not have eczema but want to help someone who suffers from it.

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    Think you’ve done well and probably knows better but have you tried Aveeno for emollient soothing relief baby on your hands? It helped with mine. Eczema is horrible feels like it’s eating through your skin, goodluck hun x

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