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    Are all products made in the Ivory Coast, contain steroids?

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    So a couple days ago, I just started to notice a difference in my skin from supplementing with vitamin C.

    Not much of a difference can be seen in skin tone, but the main difference I see is that of a gradual brightened and rejuvenated look to the skin.

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking Vitamin C. It is a heaven sent.

    I try and remain consistent and aim to take it 3x a day (1k) but I do forget or miss to take it at times, and aim to take it at least once in the morning and again before bed.

    I cant wait to see what continued use can do for me over the course of the next 6 months!
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    I asked this in the other thread but it hasn’t been answered.
    Is Mac shade NC44.5 a medium , caramel or can be considered light skin?

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    I think it depends on where you are living in the world. If you are of afro descent, to me NC44 is caramel or "light medium". I consider caramel at NC44 on the darker end of "light skinned" spectrum.

    I think if you tan during in the summer if you are naturally NC44 your skin tone can fall into the medium category.

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    To me NC44 is medium. It’s not dark but not really light either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrightB93 View Post
    Here is my current skintone:
    I’m an NC45. Goal is to be around NC40ish or it’s warm equivalent. I’m not sure what that is anymore since my match has been switched around.

    Im not super dark. I would like to be lighter looking inside though.

    My arms are tanned... The summer’s here are hard even with sunscreen.

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    @BrightB93 what race are you? It depends on your facial features alotif you fall under the lightskin or medium/brown skin category.
    Your skin is really beautiful looking you look mixed latina. What was your starting shade?

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    I’m not mixed...

    And I want a nice creamy/yellow tone.
    I’m more warm than cool undertones, so I may not be able to achieve yellow tones without getting too pale.
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    I’ve upped my glutathione to 4x per day unless I miss a dose then it’s 3x per day.

    Planning to drink orange juice daily as well (natural vit C source) soon.

    Next month starting MSM 1,000 for week 1. Then increasing each week.

    I have some more info to look up.

    Hoping by August I will see a nice difference.

    By October/November I plan to be at my goal. I have a really important event to go to and I want to be flawless and creamy for my photos.

    Hoping to to pull off a bright red or deep blonde highlights in the fall.
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    Are you using jarrow glutathione or Liposomal?

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    I’m also laying off the harsh exfoliants and focusing on skin building more.
    Bleaching ain't a hobby, it's a way of life. Hidden Content

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