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    Yeah, the whole thing was I moved to a new place and it just upset my habits and regime, and I was busy. So I had really low morale and quit everything for a few weeks. But during that time I think I could tell what was working. I started back on the mequinol/carowhite/RA and it was going along but kinda slow. I could see my skin clearing up but no major lightening. Then I added the kojic/sepiwhite combo, then the supplements and glutaivpowder ( i also take it with whey protein ). but I can see I'm making progress again much faster, after a few days when I wake up in the morning I can tell I've brightened significantly.

    So now I know what works I'm just going to stick to it for a few months and not mess up like I did in June. I hope to have a good update in a few months.

    My regime:

    - Kojie san soap
    - Occaisonal facial treatments with masks/kojie san soap
    - the same supplements I mentioned before: glutathione pills, MSM, vitamin C, milk thistle. GlutaIV powder w/ whey protein.
    ( i truly believe the supplements helped with lightening my hands. when i stopped, my hands got dark fast. now that i'm taking them again they're slowly lightening up again. i don't apply lighteners to my hands because i wash my hands constantly every day. )
    - either the mequinol / carowhite / RA mix or kojic acid / sepiwhite mix over body
    ( i get a *lot* of peeling. even after I quit putting anything on my body, weeks after I still peeled a lot )

    it works, i just need to stick with it and eventually try working my way up to twice a day.

    this whole journey is to find what works well for me for once and for all, mostly DIY, so I can get to a golden-brown tone (and eventually super light) without spending thousands of dollars on expensive IVs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazikeen View Post
    @whitemermaid how do u use the glutha iv powder? Are u self injecting or taking it orally?
    It's a powder I bought from this company Naturalistics after seeing a youtuber Stephanie Libra goddess use it. So it's an oral glutathione production booster specifically

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitemermaid View Post
    It's a powder I bought from this company Naturalistics after seeing a youtuber Stephanie Libra goddess use it. So it's an oral glutathione production booster specifically

    Sounds like your regimen is very intensive.
    What’s the end goal you’re trying to get to?

    The powder from the website you mentioned seems good. Like it’s packed with good skin whitening goodies. At least it’s all in one.

    How many months have you been taking it?
    I may try it when I can get an order put in.
    Bleaching ain't a hobby, it's a way of life. Hidden Content

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    I was taking it for a few months, and I just started taking it again. So I think it will start working after a few months.
    My tips/tricks - besides taking it with other supplements, I also mix it into a smoothie and add whey protein powder which also boosts gluta.
    The youtuber lady who takes it says it gets enhanced taking it before a work out too.

    I'd love to be the color of the girl in your avatar, trying to be realistic, in all types of lighting I want to look light skinned. @BrightB93

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    Above is my elbow.

    * UPDATE *

    Definitely getting back to where I was before, I'm seeing more golden brown. Above is my elbow. Pleased with the peeling there. BTW, I peel a LOT and it's not just dead white skin it's brown so maybe it's true that the mequinol helps you peel where you are shedding melanin too.

    And I upped the mequinol because it wasn't seeming strong enough. I am now using 40% mequinol/carowhite with a dash of LA and RA. At this level I definitely feel it more on my skin, first time I used it there was the slightest of burns (just a sensation, no harm was done). I'll stick with this strength a while but I want to go with a higher perecentage possibly.

    I wouldn't dare put 40% mequinol on my face though it was way too strong so don't do that if anyone's following. I am just going to use the kojic acid (Even that burns).

    Going to make a new kojic acid batch soon and upping the percentage on that too. Not sure to what yet as I don't want to overdo it.
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    wow that peeling looks great! Thanks for the update.

    What are you using to get that kind of peeling on your elbows? How long does it take you to get through the Naturalistics Gluta Powder?

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    I peel so much, there's dead skin everywhere, everyday lol. I just put maybe a quarter tube if that of RA in the carowhite/mequinol mix. I think people have said on the forums here mequinol itself makes you peel.

    I use about 2 teaspoons a day of the gluta powder, I guess it lasts about a month (4oz).

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    * UPDATE *
    Today I am I seeing major progress for my efforts. I have taken a break from mequinol 40% for the last few days because it was getting intense feeling and switched to 10% KA/~2% sepiwhite. This is me in day light and good lighting in the bathroom. I have that dark undertone in bad lighting, but, this is def' progress for sure.

    from to prog1.pngprog2.png in 7 months of trial and error lightening :/ ( i didn't use mequinol for 7 months)

    (2nd = stomach)

    I've been focusing a lot on the stomach area and it's paying off as has been the massive amount of peeling.

    I still think it's a little slow for how intense this regimen is and my lower half is still a bit darker. I might get a boost with some steroids but I wanted to show the progress so far before I did all that. So does mequinol work? Yeah it does and I've been experiencing everything the people who've used it on here said happened. And I think kojic acid is better than alpha arbutin for dark skin.
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    So I am changing things up because I'm not where I want to be and tired of waiting.

    I got some products, some w/ steroids and going to use with mequinol & RA. Will update more later..

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    I did some research, after I bought my last jar of 'power powder' of course lol and I won't be buying it again, not because it doesn't work, but because I am going to use a nebulizer for glutathione going forward so I don't need it! save some $$ .. I wonder if theyll take returns lol

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