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Thread: Mixing African black soap with Kojie san soap

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    @JenniCutie that is my challenge right now. I work in a hospital, so am always washing my hands or using hand sanitizer, so I have a small bottle that I have put dodo oil in it so every time I wash my hands I rub dodo oil on...lol.
    Sometimes too I will rub the oil and leave my gloves on for a while b4 I take it off...lol. It helps me slowly, but am ok.

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    so dodo oil is all you used?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniCutie View Post

    so dodo oil is all you used?
    B4 I stopped using hydroquinone, I use to use RDL 2 & 3 on my knuckles and use fair and white AHA lotion to moisturize. But for the past two months, dodo oil and alternate sometimes with fair & white AHA lotion

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    Hi , please can you kindly upload the dodo cream and oil you use, does it contain HQ or steroids? Thank you for always helping
    Quote Originally Posted by Nanaya View Post
    Good that u are going to start with the 3 Dr. To see how it works out for u! Me personally am new to this platform but am not new to lightening. I have be lightening off and on for years now. What I always tell people is to know the type of skin you have ( oily, sensitive, combination or dry skin) bcuz that helps a lot to know the kind to products to use on ur skin. I have oily skin anything that will clog my pores I don't use.
    Start exfoliating your skin, Nd I know u know. When it comes to lightening products, ask urself which on do u prefer.
    I have use hydroquinone for a while and I have decided to go the natural route.
    I have tough skin like u so sometimes I enhance my black soap for my body with natural lighteners like rice powder, aloe Vera juice and turmeric juice, it really helps
    For lightening right now am using dodo mix with piment doux and palm oil. I thought I was going to get dark switching from Caro white but it has been great. No darkening phase for for me so far so am happy.

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