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    Quote Originally Posted by flawlessBright View Post
    huh 4 times a day?! 💀💀💀- i skin build twice a week , in winter maybe 3 times a week
    @flawlessBright no sorry I meant 4 times a week lmao

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    for reference this is my current shade as you can see skin tone is very uneven and dusky. im about an nc50 i believe.

    my goal is to be about this color I wanna say NC42-40 creamy caramel shade
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    another skin pic in better lighting
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    Judging by the picture (use the one in natural light for reference) what do you guys think I should improve besides the discoloration? Critique my skin! Also how long do you think it will take to get from my current tone to the tone I showed above.

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    You really aren't dark.....it's the discoloration

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    All you need to do is even out and you'll be at your goal based on the pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annamarie6 View Post
    You really aren't dark.....it's the discoloration
    What shade do you think I am? I always thought I was an nc50 maybe a paler version. My body is darker than my face.

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    I agree with @Annamarie6
    @CaramelCoffee - no you are definitely lighter than that based on your pics. I actually think you are closer to NC45, but i'll have to look again at the Mac shade- you made just need to brighten and even out your skin. If your body is that much darker to can post photos to users to assess. I think your skin tone is more neutral (non yellow) which maybe why I feel you are darker than you are.

    Keep in mind many of the pics you see on the instagram or online are altered to look "flawless". The saturation is turned up and filters are used to even the skin etc.

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    These pictures were taken in slightly different lighting both in front of a window. I have neutral/olive undertones which I feel are nice sometimes but I'm going for more of a caramel pale-yellow shade like the girls i posted above @PinotNoir

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