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    $18 - shipping and handling is separate @Hardworkpays

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    im interested. im in canada though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrow View Post
    So, back when I was really into lightening, I had dozens pounds of kojic acid manufactured because I was going to start my own skin lightening line.

    But exactly around then, like some divine intervention, I got into a serious relationship, and my SO didn't care one bit about my secret obsession, and slowly I stopped caring too. Now, I'm left with a ton of knowledge and a ton of product that I have no passion for anymore.

    Needless to say, I don't want my money to be wasted, and given that it all expires next year, I plan on taking this stuff to the bottling company tomorrow to have all of it bottled up nice and neat.

    So if you need kojic acid powder, along with the COA document (>99% pure IIRC), tell me how much you want and I'll give it to you at a fraction of what other people charge. I just need to get rid of all of it before it expires.

    Let me know if you want some.
    hi arrow,

    im interested but im in canada, i want 100g at most. when does it expire and is it still available

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