the cause of my acne?

Thread: the cause of my acne?

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    the cause of my acne?

    Hello all!
    I'm currently 21 years old. My face occasionally breaks out crazy (mainly right cheek and bottom chin) and rarely on my left cheek and forehead, usually when my period comes and acne starts to calm down as my period ends, but recently I've been breaking out even when I'm not on my period. I'm starting to think it's the new skin care products I started to use (see attached photos of the products and ingredients). I've been having some acne before using these products and thought that using these products would reduce my acne, but I still see no results, in fact, I think my acne did get worse.

    I wash my face 2x a day (morning just consist of washing my face with regular normal temperature water then after I gym, I shower and wash my face using the "St. Ives Blemish And Blackhead Control - Apricot Scrub").

    I try to hit the gym 5/7 days a week and drink about 2 32oz of hydroflask either water or tea (very rare of me drinking anything else). I do eat a good amount of veggies and fruits. I think the only factor that could play a factor is that I do eat some junk food, but not a large amount (yesterday I did have a small slice of pumpkin pie and two cookies).

    Last and this week, I started to go out makeup free, hoping that it would improve my skin, but still no results.
    Also, I rarely consume any dairy products (once in a while I sprinkle shredded cheese on my dinner if it's a dish that requires cheese in it)
    Lastly, my sleeping schedule consists of me of sleeping around 2 ish am every day (I am a college student) and waking up at 11:30am.

    Should I just avoid using any products at this point and try to see if there's an improvement?
    Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
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    I agree with comment at the above
    st Ives scrubs are nasty and harsh to the skin.
    Use bha or aha as an exfoliate toner as for replacement of st Ives scrub
    For example, pixie glow tonic aha,
    cosrx aha/bha clarifying treatment toner and
    Makeupartistchoice mandelic toner. They all great for prevention and getting rid of acnes.
    Please use sunscreen when using aha and bha products, it makes the skin very sensitive to the sun.

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