Hey guys,
I don't know if this thread has been created before or if the topic has ever been discussed before but I feel this is something that a lot of beginners suffer from when exfoliating with chemicals or manual products. I have come to realise that most times, ignorantly, we don't know the harm we cause our skin. Some of these products are misleading, sometimes over excitement leads us to using the right products wrongly. I learnt this the hard way. I am still dealing with the aftermath of over exfoliation hence the reason why I felt the need to share start this thread..

So how do you know if you're over exfoliating?

1. Shinny skin even when it's not oily
2. Skin feeling tight even after being moisturized
3. Reddened or sensitive skin
4. New areas of dryness or dehydration
5. Peeling or flaking

If you have one or more of this, then it's definitely yes that you might be over exfoliating. Exfoliation helps speed up the turn over rate of skin cells and reveals newer fresher younger skin but Over exfoliation does the reverse, it can cause dead skin cells to hang around for too long and this can create a rough texture and uneven tone. Younger skin cells are smoother and more radiant

The first warning signs of over exfoliation is shinny looking skin. This is caused by revealing very young skin cells and polishing your complexion to an extremely smooth surface

Tightness From Excessive Scrubbing or chemicals.
Skin is composed mainly of dead skin cells held together by an oil-based substance. This basic composition helps seal in hydration while also providing natural lubrication. Healthy skin feels comfortable, meaning you're unconscious of it.

Exfoliation removes excess dead skin from the chosen treatment areas. If you're exfoliating too much, you're removing too many layers of natural protection. Your skin will likely become tight, and you'll feel conscious of it.

If your skin feels tight from excessive exfoliation, it's also likely that your skin has become sensitive and inflamed. When in this condition, skin isn't as effective at keeping irritants, allergens, and bacteria out. Dermatologists call this a 'reduced barrier function'.

Over exfoliation Can Actually Cause Dry Skin. When you thin your skin by removing too many layers through exfoliation, your skin is very likely to become visibly dry and dehydrated. This is because the impaired barrier is no longer able to keep moisture in the skin.

Good Exfoliation Removes Flakes; Bad Exfoliation Causes Flakes
Areas of peeling skin or visible flaking are the ultimate sign of over exfoliation. Flaking and peeling are caused by the same thing as dryness: loss of your skin's natural barrier. But when dryness becomes excessive, it progresses to the next stage, which is a visible loss of skin

Its time to give our skin some TLC

Getting the glow back
The first step in healing from over exfoliation is just STOP.
Stop what ever it is you are doing or using on your face, try dialling back on exfoliation
Personally, what I do is

wash my face with just water in the,
apply fresh aloevera for 20 mins, rinse off
and use my home whipped face butter.

I wash my face with a mild acid free cleanser,
apply raw honey for 10 mins and massage my face to generate cell turn over and
use my home whipped face butter

My face is healing good but the dry skin still hangs. I ll do this for the next two weeks and give feed back